Here, you’re part of the wildlife. Forget being close to nature. At Kanantik, you’re immersed in it. With the untouched jungle all around us and the inviting blue Caribbean steps from your cabana, we put you in the pulsing heart of one of Belize’s most diverse ecosystems. Our experienced local guides know all the best spots for experiencing a close encounter with nature. We’ll help you plan and enjoy your daily adventures wherever they take you.

Kanantik’s unique location puts us in the center of 1300 acres of lush, untouched jungle — home to an abundance of animal and plant life. Choose from a wide range of excursions that take you into the heart of this jungle habitat for an up-close encounter with Belize’s wildlife and verdant beauty. Learn more about our jungle activities.

Scattered across Belize’s jungle terrain are the remains of ancient and sacred Mayan structures. Many of the country’s most dramatic Mayan sites are located a short scenic drive from Kanantik. Let us guide you to these mysterious ruins and their secret histories. Learn more about Mayan ruin tours.

Kanantik is more than a pretty beach. A short and relaxing boat trip away, you’ll find some of Belize’s best and least-known snorkel and dive destinations teaming with vibrant coral and brilliant sea life. Learn more about our reef activities.

Kanantik is a diver’s ultimate destination, close to the world’s second largest barrier reef. Our dive masters are here to help you explore this incredible ecosystem unlike any on the planet. Learn more about scuba diving.

Music, dance and song are an integral part of Belizean culture. Performers from our local Garifuna community share their song and dance traditions with Kanantik guests right here at the resort. Learn more about entertainment.

Jungle & Mayan Ruins

Mayan ruins or lush jungle. You decide which one holds more mystery. Belize is a land of mystery, from the depths of the jungle to the ancient outcroppings of Mayan temples. At Kanantik, you’ll have the unique opportunity to unravel those mysteries for yourself. Led by local native guides, our jungle and Mayan ruin activities take you through the jungle floor, along serene rivers, and to the foot of sacred ruins where a long-lost civilization once thrived.

Bird Watching

Our unique property includes 1300 acres of pristine jungle, home to many of Belize’s most exotic and rarest birds. Led by native guides, our bird excursions take you through the jungle to the best bird-sighting spots. Take the sunrise tour, the optimal bird-watching hour, and you’ll also learn about the area’s rich collection of flora and fauna. From the impressive heights of our Observation Towers, you’ll enjoy 360-degree views of the jungle canopy and its topmost inhabitants, as well as the majestic Mayan Mountains. Down at our nearby lagoon, you’ll have the rare opportunity to watch crocodiles in their natural environment.

Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve

One of our most popular excursions, this jungle tour takes you deep into the Cockscomb Basin, the magnificent 150,000-acre national park that also serves as a refuge for the native jaguar. With our experienced local guides navigating the way, you’ll explore several trails for an up-close look at the preserve’s diversity of wildlife, birdlife and local flora. You’ll hear the howler monkeys before you see them, and be sure to keep a careful watch for the elusive jaguar. The tour includes a stop at the Mayan Craft Shop near the park entrance, the perfect place for unique gifts from this very special place.

River Canoeing

For a genuine jungle experience, be sure to take a ride on the nearby Cabbage Haul Creek. We’ll transport you and your canoe there over jungle terrain in our rugged Mercedes Unimog, then guide you along the tranquil river, making sure to point out the rich variety of manatees, iguanas, crocodiles, melodious birds and other wildlife that populate its shores. Your ride ends at the Sapodillo Lagoon, the perfect spot to soak in the day’s adventures.

Xunantunich Mayan Ruin

The Mayans disappeared suddenly. But they left behind a collection of majestic ruins for you to explore. This all-day tour begins with a scenic drive in our comfortable air-conditioned Mercedes Benz van through the picturesque Hummingbird Highway, into the lush forest at the foot of the Mayan Mountains, and through the Belizean capital of Belmopan. Close to the Guatemalan border, you’ll be ferried across the Mopan River to Xunantunich, the Maiden Rock rising 125 feet with 25 temples and palaces perched along its natural limestone ridge. Take in panoramic views of the Cayo district and a glimpse of neighboring Guatemala before enjoying a Belizean lunch at the Clarissa Fall resort overlooking the river.

Reef Activites

Catch a ride with a whale shark. From the palm-fringed coastline of Kanantik’s private beach, you could easily spend all day gazing at the warm blue of the Caribbean Sea. But be sure to venture under those inviting crystal-clear tropical waters while you’re our guest. There’s another world beneath the surface, teaming with color, life and wonder. We’ll help you discover it.

Snorkel Day Trip

In just 45 short minutes aboard our comfortable resort boats, you’ll be at the Barrier Reef located about 12 miles east of Kanantik. The boat ride is just the beginning. This full-day tour includes a stop at the gorgeous South Water Caye Island — a protected marine sanctuary. Use our high-quality snorkel gear to explore this magical underwater playground before enjoying a gourmet picnic lunch.

Our guides are available to show you the best snorkeling spots on the pristine reef and around the island. With exceptional visibility and comfortably temperate waters, you’ll have a first-rate view of the reef’s wide variety of sea life, including sea turtles, tropical fish, octopus, and maybe even a reef shark or spotted eagle ray.

Scuba Diving

Escape the crowds of divers and let the Kanantik dive masters show you the best undiscovered dive spots on the Barrier Reef. Our full-day dive experience whisks you away on one of our two relaxing resort boats for two-tank dives at a variety of sites we’ve been exploring for years. You’ll discover a spectacular ecosystem brimming brilliant coral, sponges and tropical fish darting among them. We’ll share all our favorite secret reef sanctuaries, soon to become your favorites as well as you search for a chance to swim with a migrating whale shark.

Scuba Diving

Not all rainforests are on land. The world’s second largest reef, Belize’s Barrier Reef boasts 460 species of fish in an assortment of tropical colors, vast colonies of brilliant and healthy corals and sponges, sea fans spreading against crystal blue waters, anemones waving their fingers at you, prickly sea urchins in day-glow hues — all living together in a thriving, vibrant ecosystem. Your stay at Kanantik puts you just 12 miles from this underwater wonderland.

No wonder avid scuba divers chose Kanantik as their dive headquarters. Our onsite dive masters have been exploring the reef for years, and know every nook, cranny and corner of coral that shelters the most awe-inspiring selection of sea life. We’ll guide you to the premier and unpopulated dive spots, timed perfectly with optimal conditions, water clarity and tides to ensure the best diving experience possible.

Divers especially enjoy our excursion to the world-famous Glover’s Reef. Named after infamous pirate John Glover, this section of reef is home to one of only three atolls found in the Western Hemisphere that shelters more than 70 miles of pristine coral reef. While exploring the spectacular drops at Glover’s Reef, don’t be surprised to find yourself accompanied by some of the reef’s friendly residents including gentle manta rays and frisky dolphins.

We primarily offer drift dives, chosen by our experienced dive masters based on conditions as well as diver experience.

If you love to dive as much as we do, be sure to check out our 5-Night Scuba Diving Package.


Discover a centuries-old culture, still very much alive. Belize is a rich and unique fusion of cultures and traditions, many that date back hundreds of years. Among those centuries-old cultures are the Garifuna. Direct descendants of Africans who escaped ship-wrecked Spanish slave ships in 1635, the Garifuna people share their fascinating history through song, dance and music. It’s a story worth hearing.

The Garifuna culture melds African traditions of music, dance and ceremony with Native American traditions of farming, hunting and fishing, expressed in a beautiful language influenced by French and Arawak peoples of the West Indies.

Here at the resort, you’ll occasionally be treated to performances from our local Garifuna community who share their centuries-old punta and paranda music, song and dance punctuated by the rhythmic beats of percussion instruments that capture the essence of Belize. Performed in our beautiful dining room, these special Garifuna performances provide a rare glimpse into the hearts and souls of a resilient, spiritual and friendly people.

Activity Rates

Daily Rates & Packages 2013

Deluxe Mayan

The choice for Mayan royalty, or any discerning guest who wants the complete Kanantik luxury experience. This all-inclusive package includes King Cabana meal plan, all tours, local alcoholic drinks, all taxes and service charge. Double occupancy US $400.00 per person. Single occupancy US $570.00.


Reef, Jungle & Mayan Ruins Package

Explore all the mystery and majesty Kanantik’s unique location offers. Five nights, two people, King Cabana, meal plan, three tours, all taxes and service charges included, round-trip domestic airfare from Belize City.
US $3,590.00.


Scuba Diving Package

Dive the world’s second largest barrier reef, just short boat trip away. Five nights, two people, King Cabana, meal plan, three days diving, all taxes and service charges included, roundtrip domestic airfare from Belize City.
US $3,760.00.


Dive Rates

Dive rates include 2-tank dives on the reef and all dive equipment (except dive computers). All scuba diving and snorkel gear, including wet suits, fins, masks, regulators and BCDs, are high-quality gear from Mares, Italy. Minimum of four divers are required for dive trips.